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Johnmapes: So here is the best answer i have for you. Just taking in the info. from here, and other sites. (This being the best one). So other than Tguns amazing 1 month jump. The data says cashed dates of May 1st threw about May 20th as of this mornings info. Now just to show you how big of a increase in wait time we are looking at. My cashed date was 5-1-16, approved 1-3-17. So basically thats been a month. And they have only moved 16-17 days. And the big road block is still yet to come. That will be the late may threw mid july. I fear those will be streached out into that year (365 days) wait. Hopefully not longer. As I’ve said, i have some “WAY DEEP” under that pile that i mailed off in Oct.

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