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I have an update that I am not too happy about.
Called and talked to a woman for about 20 minutes. I have two cans submitted under the same form 4 trust. One was purchased April 27th and the second July 8th. The first was from a local dealer and he told me since I purchased the can on a Friday he will get the cashiers check mailed out the following week. The second can was purchased from Silencer Shop. Both the cans have a check cash date of July 25th. When I spoke to the lady I told her what my dealer said his mail date was. She told me she could not give me a date but the early May date is not on his paperwork. I called my local dealer twice to get his help. He keeps promising to trace the check with his bank, call his ATF contact, then call me back. He has not called me back, which is a shame because he really is a good guy with good service. I have purchased from him many other firearm parts and services. The woman at the ATF told me there is nothing I can do except wait. My wait time now begins July 25th! Which extend my wait by two months for my first can The only good thing is I should be receiving two cans very close together.

If anyone has any idea on how I can check if the ATF miskeyed something since two checks, from two different dealers were entered on the same day, please let me know.

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