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Yes, you do. Trust Name, City, State… exactly the same as on the Form 1. 1/16″ min high lettering, min depth of 0.003″. The caliber must also be shown someplace, but does not need to be engraved. However, it must be readily visible with the naked eye. So if it’s printed/stamped on the barrel, but you can’t see it without removing a handguard, you’ll need to add it elsewhere. I typically engrave the Caliber on the upper receiver, as it’s not often you’ll replace a barrel in an upper with a different caliber.

If you plan on cerakoting, engrave first, and go slightly larger then the NFA minimums to account for the cerakote fill. I typically go 0.9375″ for letter height, and 0.005″ deep.

Hope this helps.

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