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When was your check cashed? Having a control number that begins with ‘2017’, I’m guessing that they are using a government fiscal year calendar (government fiscal year runs October 1st to Sep. 30th of each year) for numbering and didn’t get to your submission till October 2016 (that’d be a terrible sign). Hell, I don’t know- maybe some clerk at ATF screwed up and misread the paperwork or the application was misplaced in the mounds of submissions and entered late.

Prior to the 41F deadline of July 13th, 2016 in addition to the hundreds of thousands of e-filed Form 1’s, the ATF got cargo pallets of paper Form 1’s, 3’s and 4’s.

Trump could reverse 41F (it’s only an executive order, not a law) or better yet devolve ATF’s work issuing Form 1’s & 4’s to FFLs since the sellers already do background checks and file transfer paperwork for NFA items.

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