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These are in the database already but may help some understand the exponential growth of the backlog as others have mentioned, these are my last 9 ‘form 4’ transfer dates. (Check cashed and approved). Keep in mind that when forms are simply being handed out to every examiner in the order received it doesn’t mean every examiner works at the same speed. Some are very fast and some are kind of slow.

9-21-2015:::1-26-2016/124 days (1 form)
1-10-2016:::5-13-2016/125 days (2 forms)
4-11-2016:::11-20-2016/224 days (3 forms)
4-18-2016:::12-6-2016/233 days (1 form)
5-6-2016:::1-8-2017/247 days (2 forms)

Multiple forms sent together stayed together and were approved on the same day by the same examiner.

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