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That’s the beauty of estimating based on control numbers instead of submission dates. Using the control numbers you can calculate rough throughput over a given period of time. This calculation has nothing to do with submission dates other than establishing a start and end date for the range of control numbers used to make the calculation.

For example, pick two different reported approvals. Subtract latest control number from earlier control number and divide by the number of days between the two to calculate throughput per day. Take that throughput and apply it to your pending control number to generate days until yours is approved.

This does not need to factor in the 41F “bulge”. That’s already plugged in based on the control number you have assigned to your pending application.

The last time I estimated mine for control number 3614xx, I saw about an 850/day throughput, giving me 105 days remaining until approval, about the end of April. After running several sets of calculations I’ve seen throughput at ~500, 850 and 1000/ day, but around 850/day has come back several times using different dates and control numbers, so,that’s my best guess as of now.

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