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Gddean – The dealer I bought from will not release serial numbers to my FFL/SOT, and my FFL/SOT will not start a form 4 without having it in their hand. No problem.

Gman18214 – I’m a patient guy as well. No worries on the wait. I have shot everything from a suppressed .338 Barrett MRAD to a 10/22 with a Gemtech Mist-22. While it is cool and all I don’t just HAVE to have one. I am assembling a MK12 Mod 0 clone rifle and IT NEEDS to have an AEM5! LOL

Jtrevizo87- The AEM5 I bought is made by a small manufacturer, Allen Engineering. If the HPA does pass he would be backlogged for ever. Everybody will be buying everything up no matter what brand or caliber. It would be like the ammo hoarding of years past!

Dnut- Sounds like you know someone tooling up. Lets hope the HPA passes!

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