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Every day that approached 41F (July 13th), the wait times increased exponentially. Once the 41F backlog is cleared out, they will likely be back to the 120 day turn around, but for now all bets are off.

My previous point exactly. Wait times cannot be predicted linearly until after the surge in applications are resolved. I know sometime around the first of june (or so) Silencer shop submitted a 5 foot stack of applications and they felt it was a lot… forward one month and it is a pickup load. Each day’s submission starting around mid may of 2016 is going to start to see a geometric expansion of the wait times considering that there were 100,000 form 4 applications from just SilencerShop that one day in July. I would expect that mid July applications are going to be over 12 months if you include the time to cash the checks while current mid May applications are taking right at 8 months from check cashing (which were taking only around 7 days from mailing the application.

In short, any predictive model that you are looking at you might as well toss out the window.

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