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The NFA branch is currently clearing about 1 submission day’s worth of e-filed Form 1’s every 2 – 2.5 days but that is for ‘x’ number of submissions. As the e-filed Form 1 submission dates approach the 41F deadline the number of submissions climb dramatically. As the number of reviewers (generally?) stays constant this will cause the clearance times to increase- Put another way, the closer one gets to 07/13, the rate increase of Permit Numbers takes off like a rocket. Not being a downer but trying to get a clearer picture of what the wait times will be so that the daily sense of disappointment and frustration with the NFA branch doesn’t become overwhelming. Too late.

188,0XX e-file 04/01/2016 approved 09/20/2016 172 days
262,8XX e-file 06/03/2016 rejected 06/16/2016 – Reviewer didn’t agree with model picked from drop-down menu even though it matched the model designation engraved on the lower. 13 days

288,9XX e-file 06/17/2016 as of 01/14 it’s 211 days & counting
290,5XX e-file 06/17/2016 filed a few hours later (re-submission of 262,8XX)
That’s > 1,600 applications in under 5 hours. (full disclosure: June 17th was a payday Friday for many)

318,XXX e-file 07/02/2016
318,XXX e-file 07/02/2016 14 other permits were filed between these two and I submitted them as quickly as I could, about 15-20 minutes apart around 1am in the morning.

Hoping the 06/17 Form 1’s get approved before mid-February
Hoping the 07/02 Form 1’s get approved before mid-April

About 10,000 e-files between July 2nd and 9th. Seems like the rate slows and I imagine as the website bogged down applicants were forced to abandon e-filing and switched to mailing in paper forms (I did).

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