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The math equation is more like a Fibonacci series. Wait times were around 90 days (EFile Form 1 trust) in December 2015 but increased a month (to around 120 days) when 41F was announced in January. So if you do the math it looks more like:

December 2015
90 days wait

January (Announcement of 41F in 180 days)
+1 month (120 day wait)

+1 month (120 days)

+3 months (180 days)

+5 months (240 days)

+8 months (330 days)

August (flood of individual forms after 41F – removal of CLEO signoff)
+13 months (455 days)

Then it likely tapers off.

That may be a little crazy, but honestly my forms have followed this pattern. Again though it depends on region, paper vs electronic, individual vs trust/corp. But they probably follow a similar series.

Just my opinion.

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