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I’m sorry for your frustration but let me point out a few things.

These were our customers buying the silencers in the last days before 41F took place. So we didn’t just decide to sell a bunch of silencers, they came to us. So the idea that we tried to flood the system makes no sense. We had people working around the clock in the final days because of the amount of orders that were coming in.

As far as pushing panic buying? We never did that, as a matter of fact we were telling people that we would have an easy system to buy after 41F and they should wait and the get the silencer that they really want instead of buying anything they could get their hands on.

Last thing. The truck load of forms was from sales from Friday the 8th through the 12th (last day to file). They were all post marked on the 12th again the last day to file. So we waited till the very end to send those in. Which puts the forms we submitted at the end of the line. Which would have no impact on people that filed before that last week.

If you waited till the last week before 41F I don’t know what to tell you.

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