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If and when HPA passes… it’s just common sense just like ATF 41F… if you submitted app before 41F was implemented it does not pertain to you… if after- then it does…

Now in that same sense if HPA is Passed and in effect on January 1st (just a made up date)and you submitted your app on DEC 31st… the HPA does not pertain to you and you will be judged according to their prior rules. Keep in mind they will refund your $200. But they will still be doing the normal 6-8-12 month check

Let’s use an example where almost everyone has been. It’s 8:30am at Disney World(or whatever theme park) and just 10 feet before you reach the main entrance gate 3 Greyhound busses pull up and unleash 259 people in line before you bringing your wait from 5 mins to 1 hr 30 mins… no you don’t get expedited to the front of the line… “IT’S FIRST COME FIRST SERVED” you wait in line like everyone else. Or get there earlier. Or go tomorrow. It’s your choice. But just because 150 apps get submitted before yours did doesn’t mean you should get to go ahead reguardless of who submitted them.IMO

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