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Not trying to argue with anyone here, no sour grapes, we are all in the same painful position.

As to HPA (please, please, pass) has anyone here seen any factual statement on what would happen to those apps already in process were it to go through? I would hope that basically as soon as it passed, the Form 4s in process should immediately go through. Or would stuff still have to snake through the system even though we could at that point walk in and out of a store the same day with one.

I’ve read the full text of the bill and it doesn’t address it there. Not sure if anybody here has seen other documentation on that.

And like someone else here said, I don’t even care about the refund. They could keep my $200 if it meant all of a sudden there was no more wait. Consider it an ‘expediting charge’. I can see that the refunds could be a sticking point in getting it through.

I’d like to get a can for my 22, but at this rate it seems a shorter wait for HPA than to put an app into the system right now.

And how do I get my replies to indent between the actual prior comment they are in response to, instead of always going back to the top level reply? I can’t seem to get mine to indent under the prior comment to make following a discussion easy.

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