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Shaking my head……

Let me correct a few things from above posts. The obstruction in the garden hose os more like a Beach Ball. Because I’ve scene a golf ball go threw a garden hose. (I should have married her)

Both of my dealers have said to ALL of there customers. “If you waited till june or july to submit anything. You are very well in for at 9-12 mo. wait.” And Yes, thats going to push things back for ppl like myself that just sent in 4, form-4’s in Oct.

So you want your suppressor faster? Then get on board with the push to get the HPA passed. Call your Representatives, take the time to track them down, make government work for YOU for a change!!! Not one phone call, one call a day till he or she calls you back. And be professional, remind them that you are a legal gun owner. And your not a felon.

Channel this time that you have towards helping YOUR sport. Wither its recreational shooting or hunting.

Because I’ve done this before. And had dealings with other Federal Government entities. There isn’t any of them fast, except the department that cash’s your check.

(Btw, great analysis of the golf ball in a garden hose) ?

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