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Except if the same number of apps had been filed separately as individuals, everyone would have an even chance in the line. They up and dumped over 10k apps all at once. Like a ticket broker buying out an entire section of stadium and preventing individuals who want 2 tickets from having the same chance at the same seats. Whoa be the poor person who’s app hit the system 5 minutes behind that tidal wave. Their high volume should not hamper individual dealers or buyers, or make them the only game in town.
As far as money goes, if they had to wait to get paid til the process was complete, do you think they would have been so keen to try and see how much they could flood the system? i.e. you sell, I dunno, bicycles. Are you more apt to sell 100 a month and get paid now? or push to sell as many as absolutely possible, but wait to collect on it? They pushed and pushed panic buying, knowing it would overwhelm the existing system, without a care because it won’t affect them one bit. Their motivation was driven by knowing that sales would slow after 41P. What difference does it make if they own this site?

And its not just about Form 4s and cans, my individually submitted Form 1 is gonna be impacted by this as well.

All I’m saying is that I hope their filedump doesn’t keep those of us who filed individually waiting any longer than we already would have been.

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