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Hi all,
New here but have been watching and reading.
My first two 1 Form trust from middle March to 5 months-two weeks to approve.

My other 4 are as follows:
6/13, 287xxx pending
6/13, 287xxx pending
6/30, 306xxx pending
6/30, 307xxx pending

Reading through the thread I noticed a pattern emerging.
From submitted to approved date it ‘appears’ they are processing 1 submitted day every 2 to 2 1/2 processing days.
Certainly there is nothing scientific nor etched in concrete with this apparent trend. But if you review the thread you can see this happens on an average.

So if this is correct, my 6/13 ‘should’ be approved around 1/20 – 1/21 and my 6/30 roughly around 2/22 – 2/23.

Dang, now I done gone and depressed myself…

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