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Word of warning: If your card isn’t charged within a few weeks of your submission, call and check the status. My Form 4 trust application was received on April 13. I patiently (stupidly – it turns out) just waited to hear from them. My card was never charged. Never heard anything from my dealer. I finally called ATF-NFA this week and was told my application was returned on April 29 “without action”. They wouldn’t give me a reason. I’m guessing some kind of hang up with my card – though the CC company usually calls me if there is a concern. I checked with my dealer. They didn’t have the application and have no record of it being returned. (I trust them more than the ATF or the USPS). So… I had to resubmit. 8 months lost, and I had to use the new process with fingerprints and what not. Don’t let it happen to you.

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