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6/6 – 265100
6/6 – 266100
6/8 – 270700
7/27 – 361400

Early June ~2300/day submittals
between 6/8 and 7/27: 90,700 more submittals. (1850/day avg)

Given a 23000 approvals from 11/18 to 1/5 as stated above… and removing 14 days for Christmas/New Years. and 7 days for Thanksgiving week. 48 days, minus 21 days of “Holiday” schedules… 27 Real days. or about 855/day when you account for Holiday “Work”.

Considering we’ve seen 265100 and 266100 approved within the past 24hours, (really 15 hours) I’d say 850-1000/day isn’t out of the question… and possibly more given the late approval (7pm) of the 265100….

So, for every DAY you were behind the 6/6/2016 submittal, add two days from today. (2000 new submittals a day vs 1000 approvals a day)

The HK SP5K guy may be looking at Mid April…. Sheesh.

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