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So i mailed out two checks back in late April.Both in the same envelope. A form 1(SBR), and a form 4 (Can). Both checks cashed 5-1-16. SBR(Form-1) was approved on 11-8,stamp in hand 11-17. Form 4 was still pending 12-23-16. I forgot about it till today. So i called and it was approved 1-3-17. And was given the standard “we have 10 days to mail it (stamp) out, if you dont have it 30 days from approval date. Then call us back”. BTW,Both of these where paper trusts paid by checks. I hope this helps some of you with friends/items in NFA purgatory. Now the real wait starts. I mailed 4 form 4’s on 10-1-17. I hope to see those before next Xmass. Or sooner if the Hearing Protection Act gets passed. But im not holding my breath. (Shaking my head, and rolling my eyes)

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