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So the ATF is wrong? And the basis for your conclusion that the ATF will not do just as they said they did (or would) by sending it to the bottom of the pile, given that none of his information is in the system and the check isn’t cashed?

The ATF specifically told me during a brief that if they find an initial fatal flaw prior to cashing the check or running the card that they will kick it back to the applicant for a re-submission, not a “correction”. If they find a fatal flaw during the entry of the application into system and after cashing the check, they will issue a refund and return the application for re-submittal. That means to the back of the line. And in his case with the timing and with so many applications being submitted to could mean MONTHS of difference in approval.

Optimism, hoping and wishing isn’t a good strategy, especially when dealing with the government.

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  • This reply was modified 6 years, 3 months ago by chorizo.

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