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how is it they held onto your form 4 w/o cashing the check? ill bet your mistaken….all of my form 4’s were check cashed within 7-10 days of mailing them in

ive had 2 kicked back….ive had my stamp within 10-14 days after the correction…so i believe your close

ive heard they have someone look at the form before it goes to the inspector…they weed out problems ahead of time, so i dont even know if you lost any time at all….

getting forms kicked back seems common….both of my kick backs were for multiple reasons, each one had 1 odd aspect….one even had some issue with WI law and needed some statement added for them to accept it…none of the other form 4’s needed this wording…its just a crap shoot with who you get and how fussy they are.

good luck

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