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On conversation with ATF during a information meeting back in June, we were told that they would simply return for correction and resubmission the form, without cashing the check and entering it into the system, if an “obvious flaw that prevented the application from being entered into the system”. Once entered into the system, if a simple typographical or small administrative error was detected when the examiner was reviewing the application (this is after the check has been cashed and the application entered into the system) it would be placed on hold and the application returned for correction and subsequent processing. If the examiner detected a “fatal flaw” then it would be denied or cancelled and returned for a “de novo” application (a new application).

It appears your application was the first type of case and because the check hasn’t been cashed yet, it appears that you lost your place in line and it went to the bottom of the HUGE stack awaiting processing that were already there and those that arrived prior to your application returning. While stranger things have happened, the odds are that your application went to the end of the line.

Your wait time begins the minute your application is sent. Assuming that your application is correct, you wait until the check is cashed and for it to be entered into the system, you wait for an examiner to review and approve your application, you wait for the stamp to be mailed to your dealer and you wait until you can pick it up and do the ATF form 4473. You can be delayed or kicked to the back of the line in any of those steps if something is amiss.

I had a customer who was on a form 4 Trust prior to the new rules drive 2.5 hours to pick up his stamp only to be delayed picking up his can and stamp because the FBI NICS e-check system was down for the day and we couldn’t get approval via the phone because they were slammed by calls. He returned home and had to wait a week before he could return. Talk about one unhappy camper.

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