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Had the same thing happen to me Tf2addict. Form 4 submitted 3/18 and check cashed on 4/22. Had 2 other cans submitted 4/7 and they both had check cashed dates of 4/12. I called the ATF to find out why the delay in cashing the 3/18 check. Was told by ATF person that the credit card on file for payment of the tax stamp (Silencer Shops Credit card) was declined and had to be resubmitted. Called Silencer Shop to get info and they said possibly the ATF entry of CC payment may have been keyed in wrong but that all was good. Who knows. I still have not received approval on the two 4/7 Form 4’s or the 3/18 Form 4 yet. Called right before thanksgiving and was told that they are all still pending. The wait continues.

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