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I agree. I know, as well as everyone else, the aggravation of waiting, but the two times I’ve called, I have hung up right after the recording says the estimated wait time because I know talking to someone will have no impact on approval status. They have no reason not to process them as fast as they can because if they don’t it will only pile up more and more.

The way I pass the time is work, shooting, reloading, and chatting with fellow disgruntled NFA purchasers to air my grievances with how long it takes. My SBRs came through recently, which is why I’m not on here as much as I was, and when my other stuff comes through in a few months (few… HA, I hope “few”), I’ll be on even less and reloading even more. This is the only website I’ve ever participated in the forum of.

This whole process is like having to use the bathroom. When you know you’re far away, it’s a little easier to hold it in. When you get close and can see the bathroom, it gets a lot harder. When you walk in and can see it, and you’re waiting behind someone in front of you, you start having psychotic thoughts because you think you can’t hold it anymore and the pain feels excruciating. Clocks start spinning backwards. Then you final go. It’s glorious. Happiness and relief replace anguish and agony. You walk out, and you think “eh, whatever, that wasn’t that bad.”

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