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What was unlikely to be approved? The Form 4 or the request for expediting?
I assume that she meant getting it expediting unless there was bad info on your Form 4.

Disclaimer: Never had to do it before, but in theory it shouldn’t be a big deal, just more paperwork & waiting.

Was this an individual Form 4, or a Trust Form 4. If it is a trust, is anyone else on the trust able to pick it up in your absence? If an individual Form 4, will you be able to come back in the area of your dealer after your move in January? If so, I’d just let it ride as-is until it is approved*. Once it is approved, fill out a Form 20**, which notifies the ATF of a change in address. Once that gets approved (probably another month or so) go pick it up from your dealer.

*Let your dealer what’s going on, and that he’ll be sitting on it until you get back to pick it up.

Just my untested opinion.

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