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I’ll throw this out there,

I have a form 4 suppressor that was approved in 2013(rest are pending)

There is a stamped number on the top of the page and another, which is different, hand printed on the physical stamp.

Neither of the two number sequences starts with the year as these e-files do.

The hand printed number on the stamp is in the 900,000 range but starts with either a S0 or a 50.
Example- 50900000

The one at the top is in the 30,000 range and starts with either a CO or C0.
Example- CO30000

I see no other reason to start the sequence with 2016 unless it starts from zero every year which is identical to how most every law enforcement agency that I am familiar with assigns case numbers.

I held off after the initial request above because my data is three years old. However…..I am going to go out on a limb and say these numbers we have been posting, at a maximum, only represent items that are e-filed. At a minimum they represent e-filed form 1’s.

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