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I e-filed a Form 1 Trust on one of the worst days to do it: June 30th, so the crunch was already on with the mass of filings to beat the deadline. I had just bought my SIG MPX a week before. You know, the “perfect storm” situation. So, I got the Trust paperwork all done and emailed off, along with the debit card for the $200 and now it’s just a matter of waiting. And waiting. And waiting. I’ve carped and bitched and whined a little bit, but it won’t change anything. At first I was hoping at least by Thanksgiving. Not gonna happen. Then I thought Santa would nudge the BATFE Fairy and I’d find something in the email long about Christmas morning. I’ve actually given up on that, and am expecting something maybe in January. Perhaps in time for Valentine’s Day? All I can say is…I feel everyone’s pain…try to stay happy keep your eyes on the prize: the Stamp.

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