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You can look at the 3rd one from the top. Purchased 11/1/08 form sent 3/27/16. Highly doubt that is correct. Basically the first 300+ items are like this. So when you have bad data it is hard to translate that to good data.

I think it’s entirely likely that the user DID purchase the firearm on 11/1/08, and then on 3/27/16 filed a form to turn it into an NFA item. I have one I entered like that… I bought my Suomi carbine in 2013, and only filed a Form 1 to SBR it this past May. So it’s good data in that it is accurate, it’s just that it’s not particularly useful to know that.

But the purchase date is not all that useful to know on a Form 1 item anyway… It may have some use on a Form 4 item because it may correlate roughly to a Form 3 processing time, or it may not. Case in point the Octane 45HD that I purchased on January 7 of this year, which I am still waiting on. I couldn’t submit until April 16, because my dealer’s distributor sent the wrong model of can, so I had to wait for a second Form 3 (I was, and am, pissed). Whether or not the right model of can was ordered in the first place was not explicitly stated when they called to tell me the news…. My brother ordered the same can on the same day, and he’s had his for weeks now. 8^P

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