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I think they’re the same, no? Take off the first 6 (part of the “2016” on the beginning of the permit #), and his would seem to be in line with the other members’ permit #s leading up to it.

5/16 = 240,100
5/19 = 241,500
6/9 = 270,900
6/17 = 290,400
6/24 = 302,400 (advert LLC)
7/10 = 329,300 (advert LLC)

What’s very telling is that between May and just before 41F in July there was something like 100,000 forms filed, 50k per month! How does that compare to months/years prior?

I don’t know how likely people would be to also input their permit #’s with their form 1 or 4 info, but that would be a very powerful data point. I personally wouldn’t mind putting the exact permit # as I don’t think anything of value could be taken from it by a “criminal”. If someone had the know-how to hack the ATF database to go find me specifically based on that ID #, that’d be the least of my worries.

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