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The other interesting point to consider is are they really even doing a good back ground check. I bet if we continue this exercise we will really see they are licking and sticking. Likely too our 200 bucks just supports another worthless process and not any real vetting as I suspect.

Pretty cool information though keep it coming guys.

As to the question regarding form permit number assignments, I don’t know if they process a form one separately under a different permit number than say a form 3. My guess is that anything entered in eforms, be it a form 1,3,6, ect would be additive. If not it really shows how worried people were about the election. That’s almost 300,000 dollars a day in form 1 efile tax but our country is in debt go figure.

Judging by your numbers and again this is rough, take say 246400-241600=4800 applications in one day processed….. hmm. Using this, there is 70,000 between your approximate permit number and my approximate number. So at 4800 a day, mine would be approved in 15 business days or approx dec 14th. Again factor in holidays and winter depression and if they process nothing other than Efiles, January 15th? We will see.

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