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Received my SECOND e-filed form 1 approval today just now (Happy Friday to me):

e-filed: 5/19/2016
Approved: 11/18/2016
Approver: Heather Thompson

Soltrust, my 5/16 e-file has the 10-digit permit/control # ending in 2416xx. The 5/19 e-file # ends in 2464xx.

On 5/16:
King = 240,1xx
Me = 241,6xx
So we might presume that at least over 1,500 were filed on 5/16!

Me on 5/19 = 246,4xx so within three days it went up by at least 6,300. Maybe ~2,100+ per day filed in that period if the numbers are sequential? Poor ATF staff, I hope they really did staff up recently, for their own sanity.

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