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Soltrust do you know if the ATF assigns different numbers for each kind of form submitted? I’m also curious as to the number reviewed each day. I just don’t know if there are different numbers for form 1 eflied. In other words does the ATF have a separate number code for SBR vs silencer. Also are they broken down by forms? If you know,then let my know. I have no idea. As far as I know they could just assign every application from the same set of numbers. I submitted 1 form 1 trust online 6-2-16 and 2 form 4 trust through the mail around the same time. I’m sure my form 4s won’t be approved until after the new year. My form 1 should be any day now. The only way I know that is because of the information from this web site. I think the submissions closer to July will be bogged down because of the great numbers. Anyway I am thankful for this website and appreciate the information.

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