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Wanted to throw my two cents in, in case anyone was on the fence about this suppressor. I myself was torn for a very long time between the Surge, a Sandman-L or the Omega. The Omega for me was out as it cannot handle 308 in SBR lengths and I plan to put this on a PWS Mk212. The Sandman-L had a great mounting system but early reviews made me question its suppression. I ultimately decided on the Surge for Rugged’s amazing customer service and warranty and the Surge’s ability to shorten up if needed.

After several outings with my Rugged Surge 762 and on multiple hosts and calibers I have to say this was absolutely money well spent. Over the last few months I’ve had the opportunity to compare it side by side to many other current suppressors available and to me and multiple other witnesses it usually always came out on top. This past outing in fact, Justin from SilencerCo stopped by our large local range with SilencerCo’s entire lineup to demo. After some time, we had a chance to compare the Surge next to the Omega and Hybrid on identical POF 18″ 308 Piston platforms and with the same ammunition (to include, Nosler 175gr SMKs, and Atomic 175gr subsonics) For obvious reasons the tip of the hat in terms of weight and size goes to the Omega. In terms of suppression the Surge was the undisputed victor. In fact, even in its shorter configuration, the Surge to multiple shooters sounded more pleasing than the the Omega or the Hybrid.

The day took an interesting turn however when a buddy of mine pulled out his PWS Mk109 300Blk piston SBR. With Gorilla 220gr Subsonics through the 9″ 300Blk, again to multiple shooters, it sounded noticeably louder (although still handclap quiet) than the 175gr Subsonics through the 18″ 308. After hearing this, we put the Surge back on the 308 and continued with subs the rest of the day.

In short and a very non-scientific summary…if you’re looking for a great 30 cal suppressor with minimal blowback, great suppression, and features, and maximum giggle factor with subsonics, give the Surge 762 a serious look.

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