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No. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first stamp or your 100th stamp, it gets processed the same. But if you’re at 100 stamps, I would have bought myself a lifetime FFL and bypassed this whole process!

Americans are expected to file 481,000 forms this year. Divided among 26 examiners working 261 days a year, that’s over 9 forms per hour. I’ve worked as a compliance auditor, and it is soul sucking work to look at the same form for days and days on end.

These poor NFA people are quite honestly being worked to the bone because they don’t get a penny of the $100 million tax stamp revenue and are dying to hire 2 extra examiners, even though they could use probably 20 more. I’d be sending them a thank you card and a box of candy if I thought it would even reach the examiners.

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