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I’ve been wondering that also. I bought my “pistols” and didn’t submit the form 1’s until I had them in my possession about 2 weeks later. Maybe it’s people like me who put the purchase date as when I acquired the “base” of my build, and “check cashed” date as when I e-filed? I can’t imagine people waiting a month to file since “the longer you wait, the longer you wait,” unless that’s just how long people wait on average to get the serial number part.

Maybe a suggestion to the site builders would be to clarify how it should be recorded so that the bar charts are clearer to all (either get rid of “purchased” date for e-filed form 1’s since you’re right about manufacturing, or call it “e-file date” instead of “check cashed” so it is clear to go off of that).

That brings up another question: if check cashed is indeed the e-filing date, then how can that be true/accurate if it’s currently at 130 days and I (as well as others on this site) have been waiting about 180+ days?

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