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I wouldn’t say they’re “processing” it, but yes it’s in their system now. It is in the queue in the order in which it was received. They will begin actually “processing” it once it gets to the top of the pile.

The summary of the process is:
you mail/efile the application -> ATF receives it -> ATF processes payment -> ATF adds it to their “stack” -> ATF continues processing forms submitted prior to yours -> you wait patiently for a couple months excited for your purchase -> after a few more months you start growing impatient but know you must keep waiting because no matter how much you call them or check or for wait times, it will not make it any faster -> at some point your form gets to the top and they actually “process” it -> you reach the point I’m at where you’re past what those websites said you should expect to wait, and now you’re checking your email constantly or calling your FFL asking “is it in yet” -> you finally receive the call from your FFL (or receive email for efiled forms) that it has been approved and you pick it up when your local FFL has it ready.

I had a few form 4’s submitted in June, so I’m hoping my wait ends around Jan-Feb 2017 (assuming the wait times don’t increase from what they are now, but understanding they could).

Good luck!

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