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I was looking at it as 6/16 = June 16th, but now I realize I’m an idiot as it means June 2016 (I’m conditioned from my usual formatting of mm/dd, not mm/yy)…

My other point (B) is still up in the air. I’m assuming I’m reading that wrong somehow? What does the number after the date mean? I thought it was days from check cashed to approval, but how can that be if one point I see was submitted on Jun 17, 2016, and was approved 162 days later, which would be Nov 26th (18 days from now)? Maybe the graph is erroneously showing days from purchase date to approval?

The Avg Wait Times bar graph shows an anticipated wait time from check cashed to approved of 130 days. That must be a trailing 12 month avg, since a 6 month avg would be closer to the reality now of ~180 days.

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