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OK, folks, here’s a weird one. Called the ATF today about my July Form 4 submission. After being told on two separate occasions in the past that ATF hadn’t processed my submission date yet due to backlog, I’m told today that the stamp fee was collected and my processing date is July 11th!! However, the fees never cleared my bank. I check my account online religiously, and I believe I would know if $400 for two stamps was ever charged to my account. I told this to the person on the other end, and she insisted the system showed that the fees were received and my Form 4s were in process. She verified the serial numbers and other info on the forms. In fact, she said I should receive approvals around March, in keeping with their new 8-month estimate. Nothing more for me to do but wait, I suppose. Something is still screwed up, but I don’t know what I can do about it. Any ideas out there?

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