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It’s good to see someone chime in with a tail end of March approval. djunkins, at first I thought you were bitching because of a four month wait on the form, but I see you’re talking about the check being cashed. I’d be pissed too. I had the form 3 to my dealer get lost and subsequently it took as long as a form 4. If that hadn’t happened I would probably have my stamp already and it’s for a 30 thousand dollar MG, I purchased it almost a year ago also (Dec 2015). Now it’s caught up in the 41F madness, check cashed 8 APR and now it’s hard to find reliable data on when the hell I’ll get my stamp. NFA is what it is but 41F has been a huge cluster for us all, ironically I think it’s because of us all getting scared and dropping a ton of forms.

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