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Just want to throw my two cents speculation in on this topic, so take it with a grain of salt. The data is probably displaying correctly based on the data available for the last 6 months. So the last 6 months of approvals are showing. However, a pretty big event happened in July. Regardless of your feelings on 41F, there were record numbers of forms submitted the weeks (and even days) prior to 41F. I can only imagine that such a sudden flood of new forms required the ATF to pull people away from approvals just to sort all the new forms and input them into the system. Once they got them input, they probably returned to their normal duties to work on processing and approving forms. When I submitted my form 4 trust March 22, everything indicated early september, but I just called and was told it was approved 31 Oct. I’m very happy mine is almost here. Again, just my speculation based on my experience with government work ethics.

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