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Correct, just as I said the “bar graph” as your saying provides the average, which can be swayed. Depending how many samples you use for the average it can produce less accurate results. The Scatter graph you used to have showed flow and potential end dates when people could expect to receive their NFA items, further broken down by type. Your “average” F4 trust paper now shows 1 month and 2 days for people whom had their checks cashed during that period. Furthermore the “approval” period is 4 months and 17 days. So in this data your mixing F4 Paper Trust information into all NFA items approved in your average. So SBR, SBS, Suppressors and everything else is averaged approved but this is how your info is wrong. SBR/SBS are approved quicker than Suppressors, now your mixing the info…. The old scattered graph/excel document could have been filtered to weed out this information if not needed. I will give an example to show what exactly I’m talking about in case there is a mix up;

Old NFA tracker I could download the excel document and say search for SBR results. All other information on this document is now not important to me and can be erased. I can input this data into my own document to create my own chart and see when is the best time of the year to buy, which month are faster, if approval times are longer, which states process faster (honestly there are a few states that seem to get their stamps back quicker and dealers), find others like me and anticipate when my stamps will arrive so my dealer can get a reminder I’m waiting. Most importantly I can find everyone on the site, applying for an SBR, grouped by date their checks cashed, and get my average closer to mine, by date, by type and location accounting for mail.

Hope this explains it better, appreciate what you have done but I just miss the old information that was a bit more accurate.

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