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The most accurate way to display information is to create input where variables are in the graph. Check cashed date doesn’t change once you call and find out. However, anything before check cashed date is irrelevant and doesn’t need to be viewed. From there its pending date until its approved, so the less irrelevant information the better. This can be used to increase the graph accuracy without human error. The old graph was useful to those who know how to use it, as long as what was being added was correct.

If your saying the current chart is accurate I might agree but your “grace period” is more than 30 days, that’s a big period. The old chart would sort and filter by check cashed days and you could group your “date” with everyone else and compare by location, item, filing system and more. This paints a picture of the same day, not a “period” and provides as accurate information as you can get besides calling the ATF yourself. Your chart is creating an average not specific enough information.

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