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I think on the home page, the “Time To Approval” bar graphs must be wrong. A few days ago (in October) they made it seem like I was only a month out. Now it’s saying a Form 4 Paper Trust cashed in June will be ready by end of November? I wish!

The scatter graph in the “Transfer Tracking” section seems to be more accurate. That’s showing cashed checks the first week of April are getting their approvals now, which puts it out at 7 months. That seems closer to reality, and it’ll probably get longer the closer you cashed to 41F. Mine were cashed in early June, so I’m assuming/hoping my approvals are end of Jan/some point in Feb (7-8 months).

Maybe the bar graphs are aren’t accurate yet since that is what they’re still working on making better. The scatter plot is probably based on all the old data from the old site plus some new entries, making it a little more accurate.

I’ve got a couple form 1’s submitted in May, and I really hope they come through in the next week or two (based on the old data… I saved a few excel downloads before the new site came up, but again, the new scatter graph for form 1 data seems to show that being the case also).

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