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A couple of suggestions (hope that’s OK):

1) The bar graph would make complete sense if you pinned the RIGHT side of the graph to todays date instead of the left side to some seemingly random date. This way you can see what is getting approved today (by what day it was submitted). This is kind of the way I used the old site. Look at the stamps getting approved, and what day the check was cashed. IE: “Today they are approving stuff submitted on Apr 28th. My Form 1 from May 3rd should be getting approved in the next 5 days or so”

2) The scatter graph dots are way too big. Maybe it looks good on mobile (not sure) but on a desktop browser you cannot see any real detail. Reducing the size by 50% would look much better.

Glad to see the DB fixed. My items were all screwed up the first day the new site went online, but now they’re correctly listed.

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