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Then I would ask you all what does this site do that none other can? Its supposed to provide users information to predict/graph expected approval times for NFA items. Is the user information sometimes flawed… yes. But the more input is given the better all of us can predict how long our items will take to be approved. That is what the primary purpose most of us used the old site was.

Now you have included news, reviews and some op ed opinions that we all can find online anyways and isn’t really as helpful as it was before. The FFL locator is flawed just like any other online because people stop doing it and some start up a new business. That isn’t your fault at all and I’m sure some like the news and reviews here rather than the actual site or a business site they can just go to.

So my point; I get it, your importing everyone’s information to bring back the real chart that was great to begin with. I think everyone’s point is you had it right to begin with why mess it up? Make this the site that again had something only you had, actual data to predict approvals. Without that I don’t think this site is really worth peoples time. Good luck.

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