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Modern Rifleman
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For me:

Griffin Spartan 3 – I need something in 5.56 that’s lighter than my Specwar and I really don’t care about QD mounts as much as I did when I was new to silencers.

Griffin SPR or RSTA – SPRs are some of my favorite AR builds. For mount flexibility, I’d rather have Griffin’s offerings than the Allen Engineering ones.

Dead Air Wolverine PBS-1 – I own 4 AKs (soon to be 5), enough said.

AAC Illusion 9 – This is the most underrated 9mm pistol can out there.

AAC Element 2 – I’ve never shot this one, but it is similar to the Aviator 2, which is (in my opinion) the best sounding rimfire can I’ve tested to date.

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