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Mark Ethridge Woodward
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Here you go, proof of life. An 8//26/2021 & 11/4/2021 Individual “batch” approval on 4/16/22. About right for the first one (close to 8 months) & a little quicker on the second one, around 5 months). My dealer (Eric of JEP Firearms, the BEST BTW!!!), received the stamps yesterday 4/23 with a postmark on the envelopes of 4/20, so 5 days to get the envelopes to the Post Office after approval and 4 days to receive them once they were mailed. Not too shabby on the approval turn around time & stamp delivery. Biggest plus for me is that I have NO MORE Form 1 or Form 4 items in the NFA paper queue. It’s all eForms from this point on for me. For those of you still waiting, especially you 1+ year guys, something isn’t right about that & I’d be calling ATF WV on a daily basis and calling, writing & emailing my US Rep & Senators on the same frequency and complain on every NFA board you visit…

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