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This is a bit of a long one… I purchased a Full Auto Mac10 with Bowers silencer via gunbroker from
An FFL/Attorney in Florida. He had it in his shop on consignment. So after it was paid (May 2021) he started the transfer from the individual to himself. Is that correct? Why couldn’t the original owner transfer it directly to me? That is pending now… So then it will go from his FFL to My FFL(second transfer.. timeframe for that??) then From my FFL to Me… It’s gonna be a long haul… 8 months in and it’s gone quick so far 🤯😑 The transfer business surprised me but he said after a lengthy conversation with the ATF this is how it must be done. Any advice/input would be nice. The man seems legitimate. He is an attorney with a gun shop out of Florida. Everything I see checks out. Fingers crossed 😬

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