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Jeremiah Harris
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Join Date: 03/22/2021

Have a question wanted to see if anyone here knew anything about. If you are waiting on a form 4 can that cause a delay on a nics check? Was delayed today and another purchase a couple months back. I had a clearance while I was in the army. When I got out of was bad, the nics would take forever or delay me. I had never had that prob before I served. Anyway, I had heard somewhere that the fbi can see if you have a file open with the atf and that can cause the delay. Idk it sounds stupid enough to be true. Like having a secret clearance causes delays, because that makes a lot of sense. I had gotten a lot better until a few months ago. Just irritating. I’m 10 months in on the form 4 and getting delayed on nics check. I’ve always been good just a couple traffic tickets. So this is nonsense. So, just wanted to see if anyone knows if that can cause the delay on a nics and if the clearance can cause the form 4 to take longer?


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