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Join Date: 06/08/2021

Purchased 11/18/2020
Gemtech Lunar 9
Individual trust through Silencer Shop
This is the second time I’ve gone through the approval process. The first time it got denied because the court in CO made a mistake on a traffic ticket over ten years ago. They had me listed as failure to appear. That took 8 months to get that denial. So repurchased tax stamp on 11/18/2020. Have left messages at ATF. No call back. Have waited on hold for over 45 mins several times. No answer. My dealer has purchases made in 10/2020 coming in. Anyone have any ideas? This is absolutely ridiculous. Silencer Shop says the recommend not getting a refund. I was just going to repurchase it. Doesn’t seem like it’s doing anything. I year and 8 months I’ve been waiting. Jokes on me….

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